QCSA Direct Expands Coverage for Hurricane Sandy

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QCSA Direct Expands Coverage for Hurricane Sandy
Opens 2 Full Service Salvage Facilities in the State of New Jersey

QCSA Direct has opened 2 full service salvage recovery facilities in the state of New Jersey in response to Hurricane Sandy.

Located in both the northern and southern regions of the state, QCSA Direct's fully secured facilities contain over 250 acres of outdoor storage, as well as indoor inspection areas and reconditioning facilities. Full recovery services and equipment are available for RVs and boats including submerged vessels, large yachts, sailboats, and other marine products in areas from New York to Virginia affected by Hurricane Sandy. Transportation services for small to oversized vessels and full preservation/winterization services are also available.

Hurricane Sandy Boat Recovery"Our experience in managing catastrophe losses for the insurance industry dates back to the inception of the company in the 90s." stated John Lindle, CEO of QCSA Holdings, Inc. "We are proud to be able to provide these needed resources and lend our expertise to our customers and other insurers who need assistance in the aftermath of the recent storm."

Simon Smock, Director of CAT Loss Services added, "Our CAT Loss teams have already been deployed and are on the ground. We are operational at both facilities and actively picking up and preserving vehicles and boats." Simon and some of our team members were able to take a helicopter tour of the affected areas. Below are some of the photos they captured of flooding and displaced boats: Click here to view all photos in HD.

Over the past 13 years QCSA Direct and Crashed Toys have provided complete recovery, preservation, and remarketing services for hurricane salvage vehicles throughout the United States. QCSA Direct's Crashed Toys division is one of the nation's foremost experts in preserving and remarketing flooded and total loss boats, RVs and travel trailers.

QCSA Direct has the resources necessary to accept vehicles damaged by Hurricane Sandy and we are actively seeking out these vehicles for salvage remarketing. If you are an insurance company, financial institution, fleet management or rental car company, dealer or auto manufacturer please contact Warren Hart, at (707) 266-2987 or CATrecovery@qcsa.com.

Check out this video our CAT team took of the affected area:


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